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Desk of DGSC President

Like many of you, I’ve seen a lot of craziness growing up in the states. We can all agree that market movements, unemployment gains, and a so far uncurable virus are unsettling, to say the least. We are all reacting to a great unknown. Coronavirus is new and its impact not fully realized. From our closed Gun Club in rural Illinois, and locked down cities, to cancelled major league sporting events, people across the globe are concerned.
Our fight against this has just begun while other countries seem to be subsiding. Whether this is a short-term or a longer impact is too early to know. But here are two things we do know:
  1. The Board will open the Club as soon as we are cleared by the State and County.
  2. The Board is in discussion weekly in regards to the Club’s operations and finances.
Like the Attacks of 9/11, and the 2007 Global Recession we will prevail!
In the meantime please check your emails for further updates and for notice as to when we’ll be open!

Judson Mann

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Vice President Remarks

Although your club is closed until further notice, their are a few items keeping me busy. For those who renewed membership after February 6, your badges have been ordered from the printer and will be at counter when we re-open.

Would you like to bring a family member, neighbor or friend to club as your guest? And pay a reduced shooting fee? Who wouldn’t , right ? You may bring a guest 5 times simply by using the 5 “clays” along the bottom of your badge as a discount coupon. Just show the cashier your badge and your "day guest" will receive Shooting member pricing for the day. Remember there is a limit of 5 "day guests" per year.

You spoke and your board members listened. Your overwhelming positive response to offering credit cards at your club is almost here!! Look for this convenient method of payment at the counter very soon!!

I’m not bored staying at home, but why would one bag of rice have 7,879 grains and a second identical bag of rice contain 8,010 grains? Maybe I should recount them?

Break ‘em All, George Adelmann

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Postponed DGSC Events

For obvious reasons the Board of Directors has made the decision to postpone a number of club activities for the near future. It was a decision based on consideration for our members and an abundance of caution.
Remember . . . Shooting operations are postponed and hunting for Senior Members closed early.
  • General Membership Meeting - There was much debate by the board regarding how to try and keep this meeting scheduled, but unfortunately it just became infeasible
  • Swap Meet - Those of you that already reserved a table we hope you will still be available for the new date when scheduled. Those that didn't reserve a table, your in luck once we reschedule you may still have a chance to reserve a table.
  • Shooting Member Gathering
  • April ATA Shoot
  • Start to Friday Night Games and Youth Team Leagues
  • Stay tuned and we will hopefully set new dates once we are better aware of when the self distancing/gathering restrictions will be lifted or adjusted to a limit that our club events fall within.

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    ATA Shoots

    The ATA has had many discussions regarding the 2020/2021 Target Year. Currently there is talk regarding the IL State Shoot and if that will need to be postponed/cancelled as well as the Grand American. Once we have information we will share via broadcast and/or discussion forum. In the meantime the April 26th ATA Shoot at DGSC has been moved tentatively to May 24th. This date of course relies on decisions by both the ATA regarding the 2020/2021 Target Year as well as the COVID-19 social distancing/gathering and "shelter in place" restrictions.
    Stan Systo, DGSC Trap Chairman and ITA Northern Zone Director

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    Entertainment / Events

    We currently are hoping the late summer/fall events will not be effected by COVID-19
    The annual club picnic will be on Sunday, August 30th. Raffle tickets will go on sale in March. Raffle guns will be announced soon. Volunteers are needed.
    The club will again be hosting a vintage gun tournament on Sunday, June 7th. This is an all gauge event open to side by side and pump action guns. The gauge handicap format will be carried over this year. With the 5 stand operational the event should be even more interesting. This year the program will start earlier. My thanks to Jan Gronych for his efforts in making this shoot fun.
    A high gun, winner takes all event that covers all the shooting venues. Ideas are welcome. Stop me at the club or add a comment on line.

    Remember the DGSC Discussion Forum - especially during this time when we can not go out to the club. The discussion forum has been active with a number of topics, some club related, some more related to how everyone is doing and getting through this world wide event. More information is available on your forum. Please join in. We’d like to hear from everyone.

    Happy 70th Anniversary to DGSC.

    Ed Shannon

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    Grounds Status

    The mowers are back and ready for the mowing season which will began rather quickly. While the club is closed, we do still need to keep up maintenance in regards to Building, Grounds and Machines. If you are a new probationary member, or a member looking to volunteer, please contact myself or Larry Chambers.
    We are on hold for the drainage until the Budget Passing which will occur as soon as we are able to hold a General Membership Meeting.

    Kevin McCauley

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    Hunting Report

    The release bird program has officially ended this year. All 250 birds were released; 138 birds were harvested during the season and 112 birds have survived another year. The bird release program (for senior members only) has returned $2,099 to the club.
    Thank you to all that participated. Remember the farmer will be planting and working the fields soon, any one having a blind in the field needs to remove it ASAP.
    Don't forget to practice trap, skeet and sporting clays this summer so you will have a good hunt next season.

    Charlie Zib

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    NRA /ISRA News

    The NRA reluctantly decided to cancel this year's NRA Annual Meeting, planned for April 16-19 in Nashville. This applies to all events and scheduled programs, including the NRA-ILA Forum. NRA - "We sincerely regret the need for this action, particularly for our many loyal members who join us for this annual celebration of the NRA and our constitutional freedoms. Details regarding a rescheduled NRA Members' Meeting will be forthcoming."

    The ISRA had also cancelled Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day (IGOLD) scheduled for Wednesday, April 1, 2020. It is now tentatively rescheduled for Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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    Discussion Forum

    To access the discussion forum via the DGSC Website ->   DGSC Discussion Forum Click Here (http://www.downersgrovesc.com/Discussion.html)

    Anyone can read the threads/posts, but in order to reply or create new topics/threads/posts you must register. To register please click the Register link right side of screen on discussion forum page.

    Ed Shannon

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    Friends and family enter and leave our lives, but the impressions they make on our hearts stay with us forever. DGSC is sadden to share news of the passing of Honorary Member Donald Fredrick. Father of Senior Member Debra Fredrick. DGSC extends thoughts and prayers to Debra and the rest of the Fredrick Family.

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    President Judson Mann president@downersgrovesc.com
    Vice President George Adelmann vicepresident@downersgrovesc.com
    Secretary Debra Fredrick secretary@downersgrovesc.com
    Treasurer John Mantsch treasurer@downersgrovesc.com
    Buildings Don Cox buildings@downersgrovesc.com
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    Grounds Kevin McCauley grounds@downersgrovesc.com
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    Legal/Insurance Ken Cechura legalinsurance@downersgrovesc.com
    Maintenance Jan Gronych maintenance@downersgrovesc.com
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    Youth/Community Relations Mark Matteson youthcommunity@downersgrovesc.com
    ATA Stan Systo ata.dgsc@downersgrovesc.com
    Farm/CRP Dan Bellus farm.dgsc@downersgrovesc.com
    Grants Ken Cechura grants.dgsc@downersgrovesc.com
    Membership Communication Debra Fredrick membershipcomms.dgsc@downersgrovesc.com
    Marketing Ed Shannon marketing.dgsc@downersgrovesc.com

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