Desk of DGSC President:
The weather finally seems to be cooperating. I can't remember it being so bad for so long. I hope you've all seen the 4 " new-to-us" tables in the great room. We need to thank Sandy Fueillan, Chuck's wife, for rescuing them from the Downers Grove Public Library. The ATA shell shoot went well, I heard compliments on how good the targets were on a really windy day. Several of our members did well, including Rich Kelly winning the Doubles, and young Master Logan Hawkins who broke the lone 100 straight at Singles. The PVC shooting stands are coming along, there's one on virtually all the stations, the rest are in progress. Kevin McCauley has come up with a prototype gun rack for Sporting. It's in the clubhouse for viewing. Best wishes to Rich Zeller who has had a "minor" medical issue. Heal up Rich, and get back to shooting! That said, we need an electrician for the to Don Cox if you can help.

That's all for now. a Member, not a customer! Pick up your empties and your coffee cups!

Grump(Larry Novak)

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Vice President Remarks:
Greetings and Salutations,
The Grounds, Maintenance, and Building Directors are working tirelessly to keep our Club up to date. Mr. Gronych desperately needs help with Maintenance so if you have some time please let him know if you can help. Our Entertainment Director will soon have the picnic gun raffle tickets for sale at the front counter so get them while they are still available. The Spring weather was certainly prolonged so now that Summer weather seems to be upon us, please get out and bust some clays! Remember we have placed a lot of time, effort, and monies into the club so please treat the club as it was your home and don’t leave empties laying on the grounds and pick up your trash.
See you on the line!

Judson Mann

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Treasurer/Land Bond Updates:
Letters have been sent out to the 70 land bond holders and so far, we've received a little over 30 responses.
To those who have already returned their letter, checks will be issued starting on June 12th. Just a reminder that anyone who has received a letter concerning a land bond, you have until Aug. 20th to return your letter stating how they'd like your land bond to be handled.
Please contact Larry Novak if you have any questions.

John Mantsch

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DGSC Shotgun Sports Info:
The Parkview Christian Academy completed their league shoot on Friday May 24th. They went on to participate in the State Tournament for the Illinois High School Clay Target Leagues that was held at Brittany Shooting Park on June 1st. On Friday June 7th 43 Youth Shooters had a Fun Shoot back at our club to finish the season. Hats off to Jed Davis, his family, coaches & volunteers to complete a very successful Youth Program season. They are a great group of kids and we are sure most will be back again next year with more new shooters.
With the current dry spell, Jan Gronych’s & Kevin McCauley’s committees are now able to continue their work to get the 5-stand course up & running. The course is moved to a higher & drier location. Rainy weather should have little or no impact on the course in the future. The shooting houses will be put in place very soon with reworked machines, upgraded electronic controls along with new shooting stations.
The Sporting Clays Course is being upgraded with new shooting stations too. The Grounds committee is spreading gravel & wood chips along the course to eliminate all or most of the wet spots in the road & at the shooting stations. All of this requires much time & work. Our staff is small & Jan can use more help in maintaining all the machines on the 5-Stand & Sporting Clays fields. Come out & help if you can.

Larry Chambers

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Legal & Insurance Updates:
In recent months several “incidents” have occurred at the club resulting in accidental injuries, property damage, or loss. These incidents must be reported to club management at the time they occur. Our intent is to inform the Board and prevent such incidents in the future by removing or adapting hazards and establishing policies that will protect all our members guests and employees.

DGSC “Incident” forms are available at the trap counter. The form must be completed upon any incident involving an injury, loss, or damage to personal or club property. This will inform club management as to details of said event, as well as provide insurance companies the proper documentation needed for claims.

The intent here is not to place blame or responsibility, but to inform management of the incident in detail. The board may then take actions to repair equipment or remedy a bad situation. This will be more accurate than “word of mouth” reporting.

This is your Club, keep it safe and “incident” free. Shoot safely and responsibly, report unsafe practices.

Ken Cechura

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Grounds/Maintenance Activities:
BIG THANK YOU SHOUT OUT from sporting clay frame crew!!!! There are now 10 brand spankin new shooting frames on Sporting Clays course!! What an improvement!!! The plan is to replace all 27 frames.
Chuck Farber has transported all the frames! Chuck, THANK You!!!
Ken Cechura has supplied all materials! Ken, thank You!!
We GUARANTEE that these shooting frames will improve your score by at least 5 birds!!!
C'mon out and take a peek at YOUR sporting clays course.

Sincerely The Frame Crew, Tom Moslowski, Pete Moslowski, Bob Glaz, Bob Barzak, Chuck Farber and Charlie Zib

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WHAT: Downers Grove Sportsman Club Picnic
WHEN: Sunday August 25, 2019, 12 noon.
WHO: All are invited!!!! Shooting members, Senior Members, spouses/significant others and of course children and Grandchildren.
COST: Absolutely, Positively $O.OO cost to ALL!!!
The buying of raffle tickets is encouraged but certainly NOT mandatory.

Work up an appetite shooting games of your choice from 9am-12 noon. Have a cold beer/soft drink or BYOB to cool off.
Enjoy the shade of YOUR new pavilion.

At 1PM, Kassman Sisters, Dan Bellus and Tom Scroppo will be providing mouth watering, pit roasted pork, locally grown sweet corn with dipping butter, homemade side dishes and cookie ice cream sandwiches!!! My gosh, I am hungry already!!! The ever popular gun raffle as well as the "bucket raffle" will be available for those who would like to try their luck!!! Larry White as well as Ken Cechura have already donated items, THANK U! If u would like to donate item OR cash for the purchase of items, please let me know. The more items the more winners!!!!

Gun raffle -> we have a Winchester SX 12 gauge pump, a CZ-USA Sporter O/U 12 gauge with case, Charterarms revolver .38 Pink lady, and Ruger 1022 with scope ....... SO FAR. Stay tuned for more details.
Tickets will be $10.00 each. Note: Most gun raffles have thousands of entries. Ours will have hundreds. MUCH better odds of winning right??
Tickets are available at the trap counter.

Set up for this event is TONS of work!!! Helpers are needed Saturday August 24 at 9am. Also, the ice, beer, water and soft drinks need to be picked up Sunday morning on way to club. Need a strong back and probably a truck for this very important job! U will be carrying beer after all!!! Can you help?

Mark your calendar for Sunday 8-25-19. Shoot in the morning, enjoy the company of fellow members, eat till you explode and maybe, just maybe win a raffle prize!!!!

George Adelmann
Q? Cell/text 815-347-1270

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Vintage Tournament June 30th:
DGSC will be hosting a Vintage Clay Target Tournament. This is an all gauge event open to side by side and pump action guns. The tournament will consist of 100 targets divided into 25 Vintage Skeet targets, 25 5-Stand targets, and 50 Sporting Clay targets.
When:Sunday June 30th, 2019 -> 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Handicaps for Gauges:
  • 12 gauge: 0 targets / 100 targets
  • 16 gauge: 4 targets / 100 targets
  • 20 gauge: 5 targets / 100 targets
  • 28 gauge: 7 targets / 100 targets
  • 410 bore: 9 targets / 100 targets

  • Rules:
  • Skeet targets will be on a zero to 3 second delayed release with a low gun starting position. This requires the heel of the butt to be below the armpit when the target is called for. Guns cannot be mounted until the target is thrown.
  • The remaining 75 targets (5 Stand and Sporting Clays) will be without delay and the gun pre-mounted if desired.
  • Participants must use the same gun for the entire program.
  • Removable insert sub-gauge tubes are allowed, but only one gauge may be used for the entire program.
  • Maximum score with handicap will be 99, only natural straights will score as 100.
  • Ties will be reconciled by reverse score
  • Shooters of all types of shotguns are invited to participate, but only shooters of side by side and pump action guns will receive prizes.
  • Reshoots are allowed, but will not count towards prizes.
  • Disputes must be brought to the attention of shoot management for a final decision. All decisions by management are final.

  • Fees:
  • Pre-registration (until June 23rd): $30.00
  • Registration on day of shoot: $35.00
  • Reshoot fee (no prizes): $20.00

  • **Lunch will follow the shoot (included in entrance fee)**
      Click here and go to the bottom of the page to pre-register for the June 30th Vintage Shoot If you have any follow up questions or need to cancel a pre-registration please email

    Jan Gronych & Ed Shannon

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    Jokes by George Adelmann:
    Everybody is a tough guy until they have to use a screwdriver overhead for 3 minutes.

    My husband is so good at home repairs that they have a special VIP wall for him in the emergency room.

    A fellow commuter walked onto the train while talking on the phone to his mother. From what I could glean, he was trying to end the conversation, but she wasn't having it. I say that because the man finally declared in a loud, exasperated voice " No, I don't want to talk to the dog!"

    When you're down by the Sea
    And eel bites your knee
    That's a Moray.........

    Two old friends, Ned and John, lived for baseball. Then one day John died, leaving Ned inconsolable. A few weeks later, Ned heard someone calling his name. He looked up. Standing on a cloud was his old pal. "Ned", John called down, "I have good news and bad. The good news is they have baseball in Heaven!"
    "Great " said Ned. "What's the bad news?"
    "You're pitching Sunday."

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    Upcoming Month Activities:   Click here for DGSC Full Calendar
    Board Meetings 1:00pm @ DGSC  3/9, 4/13,5/11, 6/8,7/13, 8/10,9/14, 10/12, 11/9, 12/14
    Senior Member General Membership Meetings 9:00pm @ DGSC   4/7/2019, 5/19/2019, 7/21/2019, 9/15/2019, 11/17/2019, 12/15/2019 

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    President Larry Novak
    Vice President Judson Mann
    Secretary John Semprini
    Treasurer John Mantsch
    Buildings Don Cox
    Entertainment George Adelmann
    Grounds Kevin McCauley
    Hunting/Fishing Charlie Zib
    Legal/Insurance Ken Cechura
    Maintenance Jan Gronych
    NRA Chuck Feuillan
    Shotgun Sports Larry Chambers
    Youth/Community Relations Mark Matteson
    ATA Al Maly/Stan Systo
    Farm/CRP Dan Bellus
    Grants Ken Cechura
    Membership Communication Debra Fredrick
    Marketing Ed Shannon

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