Goodbyes and Hellos - The Changing of the Guard

As you all know, my term as President is over, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Officers and Directors for their dedication to DGSC. I want to thank all of you, too, for your support. Although I said goodbye, I'll still be around to harass you all about picking up your empties, coffee cups and cigar butts. Remember, be a MEMBER, not a customer.
--Grump( Larry Novak) (2019 President)

A special thanks to our past President Larry Novak for serving as President and overseeing some big ticket items this past year. To name a few major accomplishments: New Sporting Clays Machines, new Sporting Clay Gun Racks, Shooting Racks, Hunting Grounds Clearing, Five Stand Repair and placement into service.
The new board is already planning and prioritizing budgets and seeing what is needed for the upcoming year.
Thanks for being a member and don’t be a stranger!
--Judson Mann (2020 President)

Official changes to the Board: Judson Mann moved from Vice President to President, George Adelmann moved from Entertainment to Vice President, Karen VanderVeen rejoined the board as Secretary, and Ed Shannon took on Entertainment Director. Everyone else continued in their positions from last year.
Desk of DGSC President

Happy New Year to All!
All shooting venues will be open for business as much as we can while the chill sets in! This year the Board is working on the following new items to name a few: Grounds clearing, and drainage near the Sporting Clays Course, lowering senior membership hour requirements, addition of some new Sporting machines, and possible HVAC update and/or replacement. The board is trying to prioritize the items along with each Director’s budget so the proposals should be coming in the next quarter. Other items on the list are still in discussion and will be brought to the membership as the board has a better meeting of the minds.
Please remember to leave the club cleaner than you found it!
Thanks for reading,

Judson Mann

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Vice President Remarks

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is George Adelmann, your 2020 Vice President. My immediate responsibility is to process the many renewal forms that have been submitted to date. A HUGE thank you to those that have submitted! To those that have not, 1-1-20 was the due date. We all would rather be calling “PULL” than doing paperwork! I get it! Please take a moment to complete your renewal form and mail.
In addition to renewals, my long term goal is to:
  • Increase both Sr and Shooting memberships.
  • Increase the overall positive experience while at club.
  • Increase the conversion from Shooting members to Sr members.

  • Please watch your emails for announcements. With your help, I do believe we can expand membership and have a BLAST doing it!
    My contact is through the club

    George Adelmann

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    Legal and Insurance

    Legalization and Guns
    Just an FYI for those of you who are considering visiting the local cannabis dispensary; marijuana is still illegal on a Federal Level and purchasing marijuana from a facility may cause you to no longer be able to buy a firearm. Marijuana is banned at the club as we want no part of the debate or to jeopardize any member’s right to legal gun ownership. --Judson Mann--

    Wording Update in Rules & Regulations - Intoxicating Beverages and Drugs
    Intoxicating beverages may not be consumed on Club grounds during shooting or hunting hours.
    Illegal drugs or Federal or State controlled substances are not permitted on Club property at any time. If, in the opinion of any Officer, Director or Senior Member, any person on the Club grounds is impaired, that person shall not be permitted to shoot and will be directed to vacate the Club’s premises.
    Ken Cechura

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    Senior Member Updates Hunting/Fishing

    There was one successful bird release in December - 13 birds were released and 13 birds were harvested. Due to harsh weather in January we unfortunately had to delay/cancel bird releases. For those Senior Members interested in upland game watch DGSC broadcast for updates on when the January bird release has been rescheduled. There are two upcoming February releases (Feb 8, Feb 22).
    Charlie Zib

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    Winter Jackrabbit

    Winter Jackrabbit is back -> DGSC will be hosting the Jackrabbit on Feb 16th.
    Full listing of dates: Jan. 5th -> St Charles Sportsmen's Club Jan 12th -> McHenry Sportmen's Club Jan 19th -> Downers Grove Sportsmen's Club Jan 26th -> Maywood Sportsmen's Club Feb. 2nd -> St Charles Sportsmen's Club Jan 9th -> McHenry Sportmen's Club Jan 16th -> Downers Grove Sportsmen's Club Jan 23rd -> Maywood Sportsmen's Club March 1 -> Calcutta and Carry Over shoot off St Charles Sportsmen's Club

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    Swap Meet Coming in March

    Save the date for a DGSC Swap Meet in March. Saturday March 28th 1pm - 5pm. Member tables will cost $5 while nonMember tables will cost $10. Contact Larry Chambers to request a table.

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    Work on 5 Stand Shelter Continued Thru Cold Weather in December

    On a very cold December AM I drove into the club to find three members hard at work securing the new 5 Stand shelter. They were met later by additional members working to finish the site for our use. Kudos to all that shared in the labor and thank you. Here are some photos. I want to extend my thanks to the following club members for their services to all of us in building the 5 Stand shelter. George Adelmann, Keith Uffelman, Tom Maslowski, Pete Maslowski, Bob Glaz, Bob Barczak, Steve DeLergio, Brian Savoda, Charlie Zib, Mike Smedley, Jim Lee, Ken McAffee, Ken Swanson, John Mazur, Scott Kemp, Harvey Shell, Mark Matteson, Kevin McCauley, Frank Polak. There are also two other members who's last name I am not aware of, Dan and Shorty from Coal City. The number of shooting members who have volunteered their labor and given their support to the project is impressive and deserves mention. For those who's names have been overlooked, my deepest and sincere apologies. Please give me your name and I will gladly acknowledge you. Again, thank you all. This is the type of effort that helps create a real club.
    --Ed Shannon--

    Dale Johnson was present and worked many hours as well. Young, old, Sr and shooting members all pitched in on this project!!
    --George Adelmann--
    New Racks

    All Sporting Clay carts now have gun racks and baskets thanks to these hard working members!!
    Pete Maslowski, Steve DeLergio, Brian Savoda, Charlie Zib, Bob Glaz and Tom Maslowski.
    --George Adelmann--

    Newly Appointed Honorary Members -> Tom Grosso & Eugene Rogoz
    2019 Hall of Fame Inductees -> Daniel Bellus & Donald Fredrick
    Discussion Forum

    --HOT TOPICS--

    If you waited a long time for your FOID or CC permit this might be the reason. (

    Illinois FOID card law spared emergency void in court challenge. (

    Ammunition Tax Introduced in the Illinois House (

    Changing the Name of DGSC to something more recognizable?(

    Ed Shannon

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    Jan's Kitchen

    Please note the kitchen schedule is subject to change at any time, we will try to post changes as soon as we are aware
    • Jan 7 Tues
    • Jan 9 Thurs

    • Jan 11 Sat

    • Jan 14 Tues
    • Jan 16 Thurs

    • Jan 19 Thurs

    • Jan 21 Tues
    • Jan 23 Thurs

    • Jan 25 Sat

    • Jan 28 Tues
    • Jan 30 Thurs

    • Feb 1 Sat

    • Feb 4 Tues
    • Feb 6 Thurs

    • Feb 8 Sat

    • Feb 11 Tues
    • Feb 13 Thurs

    • Feb 18 Tues
    • Feb 20 Thurs

    • Feb 22 Sat
    NOTE: The kitchen will close in the event the club closes for weather. It is always best to call ahead to determine that the kitchen is open.

    Jan K

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    NRA News

    NRA has a new community on facebook -> NRA Community Engagement -> Join this group for the latest updates on NRA Club and Business Alliance news! (

    On January 15th there was a Meet the Gun Grabbers at "Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America" Town Hall in Naperville - some follow up information was provided by member Tim Donnell on our DGSC Discussion Forum . . . Kevin Coyne has served on the Naperville City Council for many years and is now running for DuPage County Board.
    "Thank you to Indivisible Naperville for hosting tonight’s discussion on gun violence. While a variety of good points were raised, I left the forum even more convinced that it is the wholly dysfunctional Cook County criminal justice system that is driving Chicago gun violence and which is now leading to incidents of gun violence here in DuPage County.
    Some statistics about Cook County from tonight:
    -67 percent of those convicted of violent crimes are repeat offenders.
    -Over 40 percent of those that are convicted of committing murder with a gun have at least one prior gun related conviction(s).
    - 50 percent of all violent crime committed in DuPage County is committed by someone with a Cook County address.
    If Chicago, it’s judges, and criminal justice system, continue to allow repeat violent offenders to walk in and out of jail with minimal deterrent, then legislation needs to be passed that mandates violent criminals be kept in jail...especially if their crime involves a gun. If we are serious about ending gun violence, offenders whom use guns need to be kept off the street. Let’s all work together to keep our community safe! Kevin Coyne #ProsperDuPage"
    More about the meeting at ...

    Chuck Feuillan

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    ISRA has scheduled this year’s IGOLD march and rally in Springfield for April 1st. Those interested in supporting the 2nd Amendment in Illinois will meet at the Bank of Springfield Center at 10:30 am and march to the capital at noon. Following a rally at the capital those attending are encouraged to visit their state representatives and senators. This is an annual event that grows in size as greater restrictions are suggested by politicians. 2020 will without doubt be an exceptionally active year for those opposed to our civil right. I hope you will be able to join me in Springfield this April to express your opposition to even greater restrictions of our rights.

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    Club Memorabilia

    As we celebrate the club’s 70th anniversary this year we are seeking memorabilia from our past. If you have anything that reflects the spirit of the club from previous generations, and are willing to loan it to the club during this year, please contact me. The goal is to display the people and events of the past decades that brought us to where we are today. I am generally at the club on Tuesday, Thursday and most weekends if you want to discuss the loan of an item.

    I want to thank Bill Erickson and Larry Novak for their gifts of memorabilia to the club. Their additions can be seen in the vestibule of the main entry adjacent to the encased groundbreaking shovel. Bill has provided us a photo of the club’s members of the relocation committee the day of the groundbreaking in 1995 and Larry provided the plat from the sale of the property to the club. Larry has also loaned the club an embroidered DGSC patch and key chain that date back to the 70’s which are on display in the trophy case.

    Ed Shannon

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    Board Meetings 11:00am @ DGSC  1/11/2020, 1/18/2020, 2/8/2020
    Senior Member General Membership Meetings 9:00pm @ DGSC   3/TBD/2020 

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    President Judson Mann
    Vice President George Adelmann
    Secretary Karen VanderVeen
    Treasurer John Mantsch
    Buildings Don Cox
    Entertainment Ed Shannon
    Grounds Kevin McCauley
    Hunting/Fishing Charlie Zib
    Legal/Insurance Ken Cechura
    Maintenance Jan Gronych
    NRA Chuck Feuillan
    Shotgun Sports Larry Chambers
    Youth/Community Relations Mark Matteson
    ATA Stan Systo
    Farm/CRP Dan Bellus
    Grants Ken Cechura
    Membership Communication Debra Fredrick
    Marketing Ed Shannon

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