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Desk of DGSC President

Hello Membership:
I am writing today to let you know some of our goings ons (south side jargon) at the club. We are actively researching a credit card system in order to possibly accept credit cards at DGSC. Youth shooting growth is paramount and very few people younger than 40 carry enough cash to shoot 100 targets let alone 50. In order to appeal to younger shooters, most of the board would like to implement a credit card system. As soon as the board has chosen a system we will hopefully vote and implement in short order.
Also, the board is having their budget finalized this year for the first time in 5 years. We hope to have it approved at the next General Membership meeting on March 22nd.
If any member should have a question regarding the club’s goings ons please feel free to contact me at

Judson Mann

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Vice President Remarks

As membership chairman, the last seven weeks have been CRAZY BUSY! Over 500 renewals have been up-dated, deposits made and new graphic badges delivered to the front desk!
For the MAJORITY that have renewed, your badge and clip is ready to be picked up. For those FEW who have not renewed, you will turned away and not allowed to shoot beginning Sunday March 15. Take a moment to mail your renewal before this unpleasant, but necessary, action must be taken.
With the help of Debbie Fredrick and her vast knowledge of programming, a membership data base has been established. This data base is far superior to the Excel Spreadsheet of the past and offers more flexibility and transparency. Please take a moment to thank Debbie for her time and efforts!!

Congrats 2019 Probationary Members
It is an Honor and with great Respect the following members have completed their service hours and are now Sr. Members!! Robert “Bob” Barczak, Robert “Bob”Craft, Robert “Bob” Glaz, David “Dave” Lopez, Michael “Mike” Nutt, Timothy “Tim” Donnell, Thomas “Tom” Maslowski, Frank Polak, Angelo Deangelis, and Brian Svoboda. Sr. Members shooting fees are 25% less than shooting members as well as having a strong voice in the future of our great club with ability to vote on all issues. Please welcome the above and congratulate them!!

Welcome New Members
It is an equal honor to announce the following as new Shooting Members. Leslie “Lance” Beeler, Charles “Chuck” Morgano, Charles “Jeremy” Corbett, Paul Moy, Terry Donahue, Francis “Brud” Prock, Paul “Grit” Gritmaker, Richard “Dick” Renwick, Fred Moffitt III, Donald “Don” Soberalski, and Judith “Judy” Wagner. Shooting members are the future of our great club! Please warmly welcome!!!

2020 Probationary Members
The decision to become a Sr. Member is not easy but the rewards are well worth the effort!! Please welcome the following applicants. Stephan “Steve” DeLurgio, Gerald “Gerry” Frieders, Peter “Pete” Maslowski, and Mark Sarnecki.

Our club has been a “cash only” club forever. Would offering an ATM or accepting credit cards be an interest to you? Would paying for shooting be more convenient? Less of a hassle than carrying cash? I can be reached from our home page, “officers/directors” , clk on “email Vice President” . Send me an email or write your opinion on our discussion forum. Believe me, we are listening and look forward to hearing from EVERYONE!!

George Adelmann

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Your input and opinion is important!! You are invited to attend a very informal meeting Saturday April 4. Shoot in the morning at a 25% discount! At 12:30 we will serve pizza and ice cold beer with a short, informal, meeting to follow. Q? What/How can your club do better?
George Adelmann

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Treasurer Financial Updates

DGSC is currently using the services of Thomas Gramling of Gramling CPA to review our QuickBook files and make any necessary changes which will give us a clean starting point for 2020. This review will also allow our accounting firm MacChietto Roth & Co. to more easily complete our yearly audit and it will also give us a solid basis for finalizing our yearly budget. Based on Thomas’s input, I’m anticipating that he’ll be able to supply us with a clean 2019 QuickBook file by Feb. 28th. Once this is done, this will give us a solid basis for determining what should be in, out or delayed for our 2020 budget.
As of Feb. 23, our bank statements are as follows:
- Operating account: $123,705.51
- Payroll account: $ 6,006.05
- Special events account: $8,583.00
- Capital Fund account: $115,976.21
- Reserve Funds account: $87,465,77
- The club also has a CD valued a little over $61K which is held by another bank so it’s not included in any of the above numbers.

John Mantsch

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Shotgun Sports

The 2nd JackRabbit was held on Feb 16th. There were 34 shooters. Results are posted on winterjackrabbit website. The ‘Polish Fishing & Hunting Club’ had their event here on Sunday February 23th. They had 35 Shooters on a beautiful day.
The Sporting Clays field has been open as we have been having good weather, but keep in mind snow etc. may close the course if we can’t drive on the road & load machines. We should be able to keep the 5-stand open. Call ahead before coming out. Another problem we may have is the Sporting Clays road is becoming extremely muddy as the weather warms & we get wet conditions from melting snow & rain. We may have to ban carts so as not to tear up the road. Bring your mud boots but clean them off before coming into the clubhouse.

Friday night shooting will start up again on April 6th. The 'Games' will begin and we will have open Trap & Skeet shooting. The ‘Parkview Christian Academy Trapshooting League’ will also start again on Fridays for 8 weeks. They are adding Skeet to their program.

Larry Chambers

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Swap Meet March 28th

Saturday March 28th 1pm - 5pm. Member tables will cost $5 while nonMember tables will cost $10. Contact Larry Chambers to request a table.

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ATA Shoot season is just around the corner!
As of February 11th, over 250 postcards with our ATA Shoot Dates have been mailed. The shoot dates can also be found on both the Downers Grove Sportsman’s Club website (click on “ATA”) and on
We are actively working on annual maintenance on all trap machines and should have this completed in the next few weeks.
We would appreciate and welcome anyone who would like to volunteer to help out at some or all of the ATA shoots. Our small core team is always looking for additional help whether you are an ATA shooter or not or even a non-shooter! Please contact myself or Larry Chambers at the club phone 815-941-1366 or send an email request attention “shotgun sports” to or look for either of us at the club.
Because 3S Software will no longer be supporting the version of software that we currently have, we will be applying to the ATA for a grant to help with funds for the purchase of the updated version. We need to have this newer version for the 2021 target year.
If you have any questions regarding our club ATA shoots or ATA shooting in general, please give me a call at 630-453-9346.
Have a great Shooting Season!

Stan Systo, DGSC Trap Chairman and ITA Northern Zone Director

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Entertainment / Events

On February 15th the club celebrated its annual Recognition Dinner with 58 members and spouses attending. These members have given freely of their time volunteering for the many jobs needed to keep the club going. Because of the efforts of volunteers such as these our club has maintained the ability to keep the cost of membership and shooting low. Without their kind assistance our sport would be far less affordable for many of us. I thank all of them and I hope we are able to recognize even more members next year.
The annual club picnic will be on Sunday, August 30th. Raffle tickets will go on sale in March. Raffle guns will be announced soon. Volunteers are needed.
The club will again be hosting a vintage gun tournament on Sunday, June 7th. This is an all gauge event open to side by side and pump action guns. The gauge handicap format will be carried over this year. With the 5 stand operational the event should be even more interesting. This year the program will start earlier. My thanks to Jan Gronych for his efforts in making this shoot fun.
A high gun, winner takes all event that covers all the shooting venues. Ideas are welcome. Stop me at the club or add a comment on line.
The discussion forum has been active with a number of club centered discussions taking place. More information is available on your forum. Please join in. We’d like to hear from everyone.

Happy 70th Anniversary to DGSC.

Ed Shannon

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Club Memorabilia

The club received additional memorabilia.
-- Sandy Hiltz has donated a large DGSC sign from the 1960's advertising skeet shooting. Along with that is also a "100 Straight" sign for Don and his "100 Straight" trophy belt buckle from 1964. These items are now on display in the trophy case in the main hallway. A big thank you to Sandy for her donation and to Stan Systo for his help in finding more from our past.
-- Charlie Zib has recently donated his infamous last place award from the 1994 club shoot. It is on display for all to see and appreciate in the trophy case. If I guess correctly this was the last shoot at the old club before moving to Morris. Let me know if I'm wrong. Also, Charlie donated a photo of lost members taken at out current location just after opening. You can see what the fields looked like 25 years ago.
-- Bill Erickson has donated a copy of the club's Constitution and By-Laws from 1987. Its a small booklet that was given to all the senior members at that time.

Ed Shannon

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We have the mowers in for maintainence, should be done shorty. We sent one snow blower in for repair. We put a ban on the golf carts for the sporting clay's course until it dries up and we can get some gravel down. I'm hoping to working on the CRP to remove some of the invasive plants. We are on hold for the drainage until the Budget Passing at March General Membership Meeting.
Kevin McCauley

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Many discussion threads have been started on the DGSC Discussion Forum regarding various gun rights information and bills etc. NOTE: Click the blue text to go to discussion forum for chosen topic

  Gun owner's forced to buy a $1 million insurance policy. (

  Bill Status of HB2254 "Safe Storage Act" (

  ISP Director pushes for FOID fingerprinting (

  FYI Public comment period Re: ISP gun dealer rules (

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ISRA has scheduled this year’s IGOLD march and rally in Springfield for April 1st. Those interested in supporting the 2nd Amendment in Illinois will meet at the Bank of Springfield Center at 10:30 am and march to the capital at noon. Following a rally at the capital those attending are encouraged to visit their state representatives and senators. This is an annual event that grows in size as greater restrictions are suggested by politicians. 2020 will without doubt be an exceptionally active year for those opposed to our civil right. I hope you will be able to join me in Springfield this April to express your opposition to even greater restrictions of our rights.

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Discussion Forum

--HOT TOPICS-- NOTE: Click the blue text to go to discussion forum for chosen topic

  Changing the Name of DGSC to something more recognizable? (

  Credit Card Machines (

Ed Shannon

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Jan's Kitchen

Please note the kitchen schedule is subject to change at any time. When/If the schedule changes Jan and Ed will try to post changes as soon as possible on the discussion forum and other places on the website.
In the event there is a concern if the kitchen will be open or not for a specific day it might be best to call ahead.

Jan K

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Senior Member General Membership Meetings 9:00pm @ DGSC   3/22/2020 

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President Judson Mann
Vice President George Adelmann
Secretary Karen VanderVeen
Treasurer John Mantsch
Buildings Don Cox
Entertainment Ed Shannon
Grounds Kevin McCauley
Hunting/Fishing Charlie Zib
Legal/Insurance Ken Cechura
Maintenance Jan Gronych
NRA Chuck Feuillan
Shotgun Sports Larry Chambers
Youth/Community Relations Mark Matteson
ATA Stan Systo
Farm/CRP Dan Bellus
Grants Ken Cechura
Membership Communication Debra Fredrick
Marketing Ed Shannon

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