Desk of DGSC President

The Herman Welch Pavilion is virtually finished! The Five Stand is close! Seems I've been saying that forever, but now it's true. A lot of folks have done a lot of work to make these happen. Come on out for the Annual Picnic on Aug. 25. George has done a fantastic job getting ready for us. Guns to be raffled, free food, and don't forget the SWEET CORN!
Once again, come on out and enjoy YOUR club! a Member, not a customer! Please pick up your empties, coffee cups and cigar butts!

Grump(Larry Novak)

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Vice President Remarks

Happy Summer All,
The Summer is moving fast with a wet spring now past hopefully we can get some shooting on the calendar. I was lucky to get on the Sporting Clays Course for Father’s Day with my family, and along with another family, we had the whole Sporting Clays Course to ourselves and were able to enjoy the solitude and beauty our club offers. Also with the solitude we were able to conceal our abysmal scores!
Gun Raffle Tickets are available at the front counter to help support the annual picnic so get ‘em before they’re gone.
Please police your brass and help keep our club clean.

Judson Mann

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Treasurer/Land Bond Updates

REMINDER . . . Letters have been sent out to land bond holders. Thus far we have received 63% of the letters back.
We did receive one letter and unfortunately currently are having a hard time placing it with a member. To those who have already returned their letter, checks have started going out, if you sent in your letter in June or early July and haven't gotten a check, please check in with John M.
Remember anyone who has received a letter concerning a land bond, you have until Aug. 20th to return your letter stating how they'd like your land bond to be handled. If you haven't received a letter and thought you had a land bond please contact John Mantsch or Judson Mann so it can be checked into.

John Mantsch

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DGSC Shotgun Sports Info

5-Stand - > We’re almost there. All 8 machines have been reworked and are ready to go. We need to set the Trap location numbers out in the field & move the machines to make the course enjoyable and somewhat difficult at the same time. When we have tested the set-up and ironed out any kinks and are ready to go – we’ll have Debi send out a broadcast e-mail, post on our social media sites and put signs up at the clubhouse that we are up & running and available to shoot.

On August 25th we will be having our annual Club Picnic. As a reminder, we will be closing shooting for the day at noon. If you plan on shooting, especially Sporting Clay, come early. We would like to finish all shooting shortly after noon.

Another reminder – only authorized personal may go down in the trap & skeet houses to adjust machines. There is a list behind the counter that lists only who is authorized to make changes. If something needs to be checked or changed, come to the trap counter.

If you want to shoot by yourself or would like to take someone out on a field to teach how to shoot or give instructions, please come in and check with the trap counter personal first. We need to know, as there are times when we are busy and may have to work that in or open up another field.
Larry Chambers

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Resuming this Fall 100 Target One Day Event (Trap and/or Skeet)

Who remembers the 100 bird one day events back in the day? Well this fall it will return . . . September and November following the Sunday General Membership Meetings. October date will be posted soon. Lewis Scoring System will be used so everyone should come out regardless of beginning or run them all scorer. Shooters will be able to do Trap, Skeet, Trap and Skeet.
More details to follow.

Dean Kerhulas

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WHAT: Downers Grove Sportsman Club Picnic
WHEN: Sunday August 25, 2019, 12 noon.
WHO: All are invited!!!! Shooting members, Senior Members, spouses/significant others and of course children and Grandchildren.
COST: Absolutely, Positively $O.OO cost to ALL!!!

The buying of raffle tickets is encouraged but certainly NOT mandatory.
Work up an appetite shooting games of your choice from 9am-12 noon. Have a cold beer/soft drink or BYOB to cool off.
Enjoy the shade of YOUR new pavilion and for the kids . . . an inflatable castle “bouncy” house will be set up!

At 1PM, Kassman Sisters, Dan Bellus and Tom Scroppo will be providing mouth watering, pit roasted pork, italian beef and sausages, locally grown sweet corn with dipping butter, homemade side dishes and cookie ice cream sandwiches!!! My gosh, I am hungry already!!! The ever popular gun raffle as well as the "bucket raffle" will be available for those who would like to try their luck!!! Larry White as well as Ken Cechura have already donated items, THANK U! If u would like to donate item OR cash for the purchase of items, please let me know. The more items the more winners!!!!

Gun raffle -> we have a Winchester SX 12 gauge pump, a CZ-USA Sporter O/U 12 gauge with case, Charterarms revolver .38 Pink lady, and Ruger 1022 with scope

Set up for this event is TONS of work!!! Helpers are needed Saturday August 24 at 9am. Also, the ice, beer, water and soft drinks need to be picked up Sunday morning on way to club. Need a strong back and probably a truck for this very important job! U will be carrying beer after all!!! Can you help?

Mark your calendar for Sunday 8-25-19. Shoot in the morning, enjoy the company of fellow members, eat till you explode and maybe, just maybe win a raffle prize!!!!

George Adelmann
Q? Cell/text 815-347-1270

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August is National Shooting Month!

Bring a Friend: In observation of National Shooting Sports Foundation Shooting Month, DGSC will once again institute our “Bring-A-Friend” program. DGSC Senior & Shooting members are invited to bring a friend, neighbor, or family member to the club to shoot as a “guest”. Each guest must be “supervised” by their sponsoring member. Shooters under the age of 18 are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Upon registering at the trap counter, each friend is eligible to receive up to 2 rounds of trap or skeet with shells (12 or 20 ga.) at no charge. Additional shooting will be available at “Shooting member” rates. This program is made possible through the 2019 Friends of the NRA and NRA Foundation Grant. Targets and shells are limited. The program will be in effect August 1 thru 18, while allocated targets and shells last.
This is a great opportunity for Members and Shooting Members to share the enjoyment of Clay Target Sports with your friends & family.
Don’t wait, our resources are limited.

Ken Cechura (DGSC Grant Administrator)

National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) News: Today, on the first day of National Shooting Sports Month, The White House issued a Presidential message to the nation on the importance and tradition of the shooting sports in America. This annual 31-day celebration, developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) in 2017, reminds people that everyone can enjoy these safe, fun and social activities. It’s also the perfect time for an experienced shooter to mentor a newcomer in a sport that can provide a lifetime of enjoyment at every skill level.
From The White House: Presidential Message on National Shooting Sports Month, 2019
During National Shooting Sports Month, we celebrate the cherished tradition of recreational and sport shooting activities. Shooting sports bring people together and instill comradery among a significant portion of its fellow enthusiasts. The vibrant shooting sport culture is made possible, in large part, by our steadfast protection of one of our bedrock and most-cherished liberties, the right to keep and bear arms.

Americans have a long history of participating in recreational and sport shooting activities. Early sharpshooters participated in matches to entertain family and friends and test their skills for a prize. During the turn of the 18th century, these competitions grew in popularity and legends like Buffalo Bill Cody and Annie Oakley began to enthrall audiences around the world. Today, talented Americans rigorously train for worldwide competitions, including the Olympic and Paralympics Games. Whether amateur or professional, shooting sport athletes possess the traits that characterize the best of our Nation — they are disciplined, determined, passionate, and confident.

As President, the safety of the American people is my top priority, and I want to ensure that those participating in shooting sports — one of our Nation’s greatest traditions — have the proper facilities to learn how to operate a firearm responsibly. That is why I was proud, earlier this year, to sign into law H.R. 1222, the Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act. This important legislation will support State wildlife management agencies as they construct or expand shooting ranges, providing more opportunities for citizens to safely and properly learn marksmanship skills. My Administration has also expanded access to America’s public lands, opening millions of acres for use, including by hunters and recreational shooters. And, in June, my Administration announced a plan to open an additional 1.4 million acres in national wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries to new or expanded hunting, fishing, and recreational opportunities. These actions will help ensure a perpetual investment in wildlife and habitat conservation, foster responsible stewardship, and increase interest in shooting sports for current and future generations.

As we celebrate this National Shooting Sports Month, I encourage all those participating in recreational and sport shooting activities to continue to learn from this tradition and to promote a culture of safety and responsibility.

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NRA Clubs and Association Updates

NRA Clubs and Associations is proud to announce the latest issue of NRA Club Connection -
Keep in touch with the latest news in the world of NRA Affiliated Clubs and Businesses!

Chuck Feuillan

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Susan Rezin

Honorary Member and long time supporter of DGSC State Sen. Sue Rezin has made it official -> She's running for Congress in the 14th District. Rezin, R-Morris, will remain a state senator during her campaign, we wish her well and good luck.

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Senior Member Updates Hunting/Fishing

Spring and Summer is flying by and Hunting Season for the DGSC Senior Members will be here before we know it. Thoughts and planning are already in motion for the upcoming Upland Game Season, new plan for bird release schedule etc. coming soon.
Charlie Zib

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Vintage Tournament June 30th

Vintage Shoot June 20, 2019
Thirty shooters braved high heat, high humidity, and torrential rain to celebrate old shotguns in a 100 target fun shoot on June 30th. Using a well cared for 20 gauge Fox side by side Hunter Davis returned to the clubhouse with an 81. It was just enough to capture the high gun title for the day as scores suffered from hard targets and the ever popular low gun position and timed release on skeet targets. Because of weather related problems the 5 stand portion of the program was dropped in favor of wobble trap. It was a new experience for more than one shooter that day. Lunch was served at noon with door prizes following. From all appearances it was an enjoyable, but wet day. Many thanks to those club members who collaborated in the effort to make the vintage shoot a fun day. Additional thanks to Hunter Davis, Jan and Nan Kassman, and Ken Cechura for their kind donation of door prices.
Complete Results Available At:

Ed Shannon | Jan Gronych

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June 23rd Grand Chicago/Illini Indian Shoot Results

Complete Results Available At:
Next Upcoming DGSC Hosted ATA Shoot: September 7th & 8th

Al Maly | Stan Systo | Larry Chambers

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Jokes by George Adelmann:

Games People Play
My wife found out I was cheating on her after she found all the letters I was hiding.............. she got so mad and said she’s never gonna play Scrabble with me ever again!!!!!

Office Jokes
The Complainer -> Oh, you hate your job?
Why didn’t you say so!!!
There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar!
The Annoying Guy -> I wonder how many consecutive Mondays Todd will respond “Not long enough” in regard to how his weekend was???? We’re at seven........

I’ll call it a Smartphone the day I yell “Where’s my phone?” And it yells back “Down here!!! In the couch cushion!!”

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Board Meetings 1:00pm @ DGSC  3/9, 4/13, 5/11, 6/8, 7/13, 8/10, 9/14, 10/12, 11/9, 12/14
Senior Member General Membership Meetings 9:00pm @ DGSC   4/7/2019, 5/19/2019, 7/21/2019, 9/15/2019, 11/17/2019, 12/15/2019 

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President Larry Novak
Vice President Judson Mann
Secretary John Semprini
Treasurer John Mantsch
Buildings Don Cox
Entertainment George Adelmann
Grounds Kevin McCauley
Hunting/Fishing Charlie Zib
Legal/Insurance Ken Cechura
Maintenance Jan Gronych
NRA Chuck Feuillan
Shotgun Sports Larry Chambers
Youth/Community Relations Mark Matteson
ATA Al Maly/Stan Systo
Farm/CRP Dan Bellus
Grants Ken Cechura
Membership Communication Debra Fredrick
Marketing Ed Shannon

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