Upcoming Meetings: Board Meeting -> Saturday September 19th 1pm | General Membership Meeting -> Sunday September 27th 9am

Desk of DGSC President

Hello Fellow Shooters and Members,

September 12th and 13th the club is hosting the Northern Zone shoot for the Amateur Trapshooting Association. This event features 200 singles (16 yard) targets on Saturday, 50 pair of Doubles targets, and 100 Handicap (yardage based on score average not less than 20 yards) on Sunday. If you would like to participate as a volunteer or competitor, please contact Stan Systo. With all the events that have been canceled due to Covid19 this will be different than others as the clubhouse will be closed other than for registration and bathroom usage.

If you have ever shot an ATA event then you know that it takes a lot of volunteer effort before, during, and after the shoot. Larry Chambers and Stan Systo keep the PAT Traps running on a day to day basis so all of us can enjoy the trap fields for years to come.

The grounds and buildings are in great shape thanks to the oversight by Kevin McCauley and Don Cox as well as a host of other volunteers. The dozen regular volunteers at the club take care of 90% of the club’s day to day ongoing maintenance so please give them a thanks when you see them getting it done. Jan Gronych and Mike Pieterzak keep our golf carts putting and sporting clay machines throwing the hard targets. I know there are countless other volunteers but the few mentioned are not only volunteering at the club but consistently serving on our board which consists of countless additional volunteer hours.

September 27th will be the next General Membership meeting for Senior members, and we will be voting on a 50-cent rate increase for all shooting sports at DGSC.

Should you have any questions or other matters you would like to discuss please feel free to email me any time.

Thanks for reading!

Judson Mann

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Vice President Remarks

All members who paid dues after mid March as well as all shooting members who joined after mid March, your name badge will be at the front desk. My apologies for this delay. It’s disappointing to see the large number of badges not yet picked up by members who have paid their dues. Please remember to ask at the front desk and please wear them during your visit. Who knows, you may just meet someone new and have a new friend!

We have had 16 days of above 90 degrees this summer! Those who haves braved these toasty temps are having a ball breaking targets at all disciplines. Your club set an unofficial record on Tue 8-25 with 32 sporting clays shooters in the first hour of business!!!

Don’t forget, all members are encouraged to shoot trap and skeet on Friday nights from 6-9 P.M. “under the lights” through Friday November 20, weather permitting. Temps will cool off soon. Wouldn’t it be a great time to schedule a visit with family or friends? Enjoy the shade with a picnic lunch at your Herman Welch Pavillion. And don’t forget to use the discounted fee for guests on your badge!!!

The club looks great right? Please take the opportunity to thank Kevin McCauly and his gang for their many hours of labor! They are Brian Savoda, Tim Donnell, Keith Uffelman, Steve DeLurgio, Tom Maslowski,Bob Craft and Chuck Farber.

New Benefit for Senior Members - Golf Cart Parking

Reminder your club has decided to allow the parking of “golf cart” type vehicles for Senior Members. There will be a small annual fee with a signed contract listing the do’s and dont’s along with your proof of insurance. Space will be limited to ten vehicles with trailers so don’t delay in your request. First come, first serve.
How great not to haul your trailer and vehicle to club and back each time you shoot !!!
Contact George Adelmann 815-347-1270 cell/text or email vicepresident@downersgrovesc.com

Trying Something New - Part III

Skeet shooter extraordinaire, Ed Shannon , was spied on the trap fields last week. When asked about this he replied” Hey, trap is a great game and I really enjoy shooting from time to time. In fact, I just bought a new/used trap gun that really is working out nicely!”
Thanks for sharing Ed and Trying Something New!!!

George Adelmann

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Treasurer Updates

Quick DGSC Finacial Perspective . . . bills continue to be paid on time, our real estate taxes for 2019 have also been paid (1st and 2nd installment). We have successfully filed our Federal and State taxes.
John Mantsch

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General Membership (Senior Member) Meeting Sunday September 27th 9 AM

Senior Members our next General Membership meeting is scheduled for a Sunday on September 27th @ 9 AM.
As there still maybe some gathering restrictions, if the weather cooperates the DGSC board will once again try to have the meeting outside in the Herman Welch Pavilion. Unfortunately weather did not cooperate for the last meeting, but all those in attendance did make the best of it and were able to have the meet safely inside while wearing masks and practicing safe distancing.
Major agenda items:
  • Proposed By Law Change Discussion/Vote
    The following proposed by law change was submitted during the July General Membership Meeting by Ed Shannon. Discussion and voting will take place on September 27th at the General Membership Meeting.

    CURRENT READING: Section 1. The fiscal year of the Club shall begin on the first day of January and end on the thirty-first day or December each year.

    PROPOSED CHANGE:Section 1. The fiscal year of the Club shall begin on the first day of April and end on the thirty-first day of March each year.

    Ed Shannon submitted a brief explanation with the proposed change: The purpose of this proposal is to allow the board of directors to operate with budgeted funds for the first three months of a new calendar year. Under the current rule the board operates without budgeted funds during that time period.

    Operating without a budget creates the potential for overspending and limits control of expenditures. Without a budget in this period the board of directors may face future limitations regarding the financial goals of the club.

    This proposal regards organizational budgeting purposes only and does not affect tax reporting.

    Acceptance of this proposal means the board of directors can maintain financial integrity, responsibility, transparency, and there commitement to the club.

  • Shooting Fee Increase to Meet Rising Overhead Cost
    Portion of Email sent by President Judson Mann in August Related to Increase
    For the past year, the board has discussed the need to increase shooting fees to meet rising overhead costs. Every year we have increased labor, target, and equipment costs and we try to have the shooting sports income pay the shooting sports expenses. The club makes very little on the shooting sports. What little we do make is supposed to go into a Capital Expense Account to help pay for extra ordinary expenses as they arise, but this has not happened due to rising target and labor costs. The other expenses such as HVAC, grounds, building, golf carts, taxes etc. are paid through our membership, and farm income. It has been more than a few years since our last price increase and the board has deemed it necessary to impose a 50-cent rate hike across the board for all shooting sports at DGSC. The increase would have been implemented earlier but was stopped due to the forced shutdown of the club by state authority. Since resuming operations, we continued the current pricing for a short while until now due to the necessity for a shooting fee increase and upcoming general membership meeting where we will seek the approval of the Senior Membership.
    NOTE: In the interim, pending the membership approval of the shooting fee increase, shooting cards will be sold one card at a time, as needed. The necessity to prevent multiple card sales in the face of rising costs should be evident to all who enjoy our club. This limit is to prevent further revenue declines. We ask for your patience and cooperation going forward.

  • Debra Fredrick

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    Legal and Insurance

    We are reminded by the Grundy County Health Department:
    The IDPH adopted emergency regulations on Aug. 7, 2020 to restrict & suppress COVID-19.

    “Any business, service, facility, or organization, open to the public or employees shall require employees, customers, and other individuals on the premises who are older than age 2 and able to medically tolerate a face covering to cover their nose and mouth when unable to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet. Coverings may be removed while eating or drinking but are required at all other times.”

    To be safe, please wear a facial covering whenever you enter the building. This is not a “political” statement, but an attempt to protect your fellow members, employees, and guests from a serious health hazard, Health issues be said, non-compliance to these directives can result in closure and fines up to $2500.

    Ken Cechura

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    Raffle Winners

    The 2020 gun raffle drawing happened Sunday, 30 August, at 1 PM. The winners are........................
    For the Tri-Star Bronze 12 ga auto shotgun, Brian Verdun
    For the Ruger 10/22 .22 auto rifle, Rick Frey
    And, for the Winchester SXP 20 ga pump, Mark Matteson
    Thanks to all who entered for supporting the club and participating in this annual club event.

    Other Entertainment / Events

    On the 18th of August the club held another cookout to say thank you to our volunteers and shooters. I want to say thank you to Jim Lea, Dan Phillips, Chuck Farber, Bill Erickson, Ken Cechura, and all the other members who pitched in to help the club. Their efforts made a difference. Thank you.

    In an act of generosity, and in support of the club, the cost of the day’s food and drinks was underwritten by a senior member who chooses anonymity. He chose this way to say thank you to you, his friends, and all the people who he has come to know and appreciate at DGSC. The club is important to him and wants to see it flourish. If you wish to thank our anonymous benefactor he would appreciate seeing more people shoot and enjoying themselves.

    Ed Shannon

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    Shotgun Sports

    Skeet Field News . . . Tim Donnell, Jim Lee, and Larry Chambers worked together on fields 5 and 6. They measured, set and hooped the targets for skeet. This gives the club two fields throwing regulation targets. The targets were hooped and machines now throw 48 MPH targets. Targets now cross in the hoop simultaneously. Kudos to the group! - Thank you to Ed Shannon for announcements and details on the Discussion Forum regarding this activity.

    Dates: Tuesday, Sept. 1st - Oct. 6th - Nov. 3rd, 2020
    Times: 10:30am -11:15am Sign-In | 11:15am Welcome & Rules Announcement | 11:30 Prompt Start
    Fees: Sr. Member $15, Shooting Member $18, Guest $23
    Dead Line: Sunday Prior to Date of Event
    Click Here To view the full program and more details (http://www.downersgrovesc.com/Events/5StandChallenge.pdf)

    Larry Chambers

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    ATA Shoots

    We are good to go! Our plans and clubhouse setup for registration for the upcoming Illinois Northern Zone Shoot/Illini Indian Northern Zone shoot are in place for September 12-13, 2020. We are hopeful that our State will not roll back from our current Restore Illinois phase, Phase 4, so that all can happen as planned. Due to state restrictions and out of caution for all members and guests, there will be limited use of the clubhouse along with mandatory face masks (inside clubhouse) and social distancing. Please remain considerate of all whether you are inside or enjoying the out of doors!

    There will be food and seating outside. In addition, there will be coolers of bottled water for the shooters.

    We do ask that if anyone, shooters or non-shooters, would like to volunteer to help out to please contact Larry Chambers or Stan Systo.

    Our next ATA shoot is scheduled for October 11th, 2020.

    To view the full program for ATA Northern Zone/Illini Indian Shoot Click Here (http://www.downersgrovesc.com/ATA%20Shoots/Illini%20Indian%20&%20Northern%20Zone%20Program%20-%202020.pdf)

    Enjoy the outdoors!

    Stan Systo, DGSC Trap Chairman and ITA Northern Zone Director

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    Youth Program

    WCSJ radio ran a story in late July referencing DGSC and Mark Mattesen - Thank you Ed Shannon for passing along.

    Shooting sports teaches youth self-discipline, patience, eye-hand coordination and concentration as they learn how to be responsible with and use pistols, rifles, shotguns and bows. Youth learn how to properly breathe and have patience as they carefully aim and shoot at a variety of stationary and moving targets. Shooting sports is an activity they can master by practicing on their own or in a shooting sports club with other youth. Grundy County 4-H’s SPIN (Special Interest) Club, Shotgun Shooters, meets monthly and focuses on shotgun skeet and trap activities at Downers Grove Sportsmen’s Club located in Morris, IL.
    Click Here to read complete article (http://www.wcsjnews.com/news/local/wcsj4h/spotlight-on-4-h-shooting-sports/article_ccc5465c-d1f3-11ea-8fa3-3753b4640b6e.html)

    Mark Matteson

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    Grant Opportunties for DGSC

    I am pleased to announce the DGSC has once again been awarded a “Friends of the NRA &NRA Foundation” Grant. The Grant includes targets & shells that will enable us to further promote youth and “new” shooter participation. The details will be announced once they have been finalized by the board.
    Ken Cechura

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    Hunting Report

    The hunter shack is all setup for signing in.
    Season Openers:
    --September 1st is opening day for Dove Season. This is a 90 day split season so please check the IDNR web site for full details.
    --October 1st is opening day for archery season.
    The release bird date schedule will be posted before October on DGSC Website and in the next newsletter

    Reminder . . . fields are planted so please be respectful!

    Charlie Zib

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    West Nile Virus - Morris

    While we are nearing the end of summer it was announced by the Grundy County Health Department that mosquitos carrying West Nile Virus have been recently found in Morris. Make sure you use repellant with DEET when shooting, especially in the woods.
    Thank you to Ed Shannon for reporting the story on Discussion Forum

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    Discussion Forum

    The club discussion forum has shown activity lately concerning our skeet fields, shooting fees, and West Nile Virus being discovered for the first time in Morris.
    DGSC Discussion Forum can be accessed by Clicking Here (http://www.downersgrovesc.com/Discussion.html)
    Anyone can read the threads/posts, but in order to reply or create new topics/threads/posts you must register. To register please click the Register link right side of screen on discussion forum page.

    Ed Shannon

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    Board Meetings  1/11/2020, 1/18/2020, 2/8/2020, 3/7/2020, 4/5/2020, 5/6/2020, 6/10/2020, 6/24/2020, 8/8/2020, 9/19/2020
    Senior Member General Membership Meetings  July 11 1 pm, September 27 9 am 

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    2020 is a critical election year for our industry and could very well determine the future of our Second Amendment rights. NSSF is urging all businesses in our industry to inform our members and visitors of a new website that provides additional information regarding polling locations, 2020 candidates and even allows you to register to vote. Please take advantage of this website -   https://action.gunvote.org/
    Passed on by NSSF

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    President Judson Mann president@downersgrovesc.com
    Vice President George Adelmann vicepresident@downersgrovesc.com
    Secretary Debra Fredrick secretary@downersgrovesc.com
    Treasurer John Mantsch treasurer@downersgrovesc.com
    Buildings Don Cox buildings@downersgrovesc.com
    Entertainment Ed Shannon entertainment@downersgrovesc.com
    Grounds Kevin McCauley grounds@downersgrovesc.com
    Hunting/Fishing Charlie Zib huntingfishing@downersgrovesc.com
    Legal/Insurance Ken Cechura legalinsurance@downersgrovesc.com
    Maintenance Jan Gronych maintenance@downersgrovesc.com
    NRA Chuck Feuillan nra@downersgrovesc.com
    Shotgun Sports Larry Chambers shotgunsports@downersgrovesc.com
    Youth/Community Relations Mark Matteson youthcommunity@downersgrovesc.com
    ATA Stan Systo ata.dgsc@downersgrovesc.com
    Farm/CRP Dan Bellus farm.dgsc@downersgrovesc.com
    Grants Ken Cechura grants.dgsc@downersgrovesc.com
    Membership Communication Debra Fredrick membershipcomms.dgsc@downersgrovesc.com
    Marketing Ed Shannon marketing.dgsc@downersgrovesc.com

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