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Desk of DGSC President

Hello Membership:
After an arduous process we have received approval from the state to reopen the club and will open on 5/16 subject to the rules in this newsletter.
As stated in previous email if you are sick, or unhealthy please stay home. You are under no pressure to come to the club and if you are going to shoot then please bring a chair for your wait and enjoy the outdoors of DGSC.
Much work has been done by the same constant volunteers as always and please be sure to thank them for being the backbone of the club. Without them we would not have been able to reopen the club.
Keep in mind we may have to close again should the state or county deem it necessary. I hope to see you all on the line!

Judson Mann

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Opening the Club -> May 16th
What you need to know - PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW!!

Prep Work Done For Opening

  • Disinfect the clubhouse.
  • Procure sufficient disinfecting supplies.
  • Procure PPE for employees and members working in the clubhouse.
    NOTE: Face mask/covering must be worn while inside building. While outside as long as maintaining the social distancing (6ft) mask need not be worn.
  • Limit movement of people in the clubhouse to only a one-way traffic pattern, enter south doors and pay for targets at counter then exit north doors. Use signage and tape to define the area.
  • Cordon off great room to prevent access.
  • Cordon off hallway to access restrooms from the main entrance. Access to restrooms will be from west service door only.
  • Mark areas of separation in front of desk.
  • Add Plexiglas barrier at desk.
  • Disable water fountain in clubhouse.
  • Establish sanitizing protocol for the desk area, hallway, entrance and exit doors.
  • Picnic tables and benches will be stacked and moved next to pole barn.
  • Hand sanitizer (preferably wipes) placed at each field.
  • Flower benches along the trap and skeet line will be marked off to restrict sitting. These benches should only be used for shooting bags for the current squad on the field.
    NOTE: Shooters are encouraged to keep proper amount of shells for the current round in vest or shell pouch and eliminate carrying shooting bags out to the field.
  • Reinforce the message to members to stay at home if they feel sick.

Guidelines for Members/Workers that come to the club starting May 16th

  • Dave and David will enter clubhouse only to punch in and out. Each can bring one bag into the clubhouse containing their PPE equipment and any personal belongings that would be needed for that day at work. This bag is to be placed behind the trap counter. The trap room is to remain closed and not accessed.
  • Clubhouse closed except to pay shooting fees and to use washroom.
  • Only two members/employees allowed behind the desk at any time. Door kept closed.
  • Suggest that members bring even target fee amounts of cash to avoid change. Use CC when possible. Purchase shooting cards when possible.
  • Face mask/covering to be worn while inside building. While outside as long as maintaining the social distancing (6ft) mask need not be worn.
  • Movement of people in the clubhouse one-way traffic pattern, enter south doors and pay for targets at counter then exit north doors. Access to restrooms will be from west service door only.
  • Tables, benches and club chairs have been moved and should not be used. Flower benches along the trap and skeet line can be used for shooting bags for those that need to bring them to the field.
    NOTE:Shooters are encouraged to keep proper amount of shells for the current round in vest or shell pouch and eliminate carrying shooting bags out to the field.
  • Members feeling sick should stay at home.

Opening in 3 Phases

Phase 1

  • Open for casual shooting for members only. Normal summer operation hours Tues, Thurs, Sat, and Sun. The club will remain closed on Friday nights.
  • Clubhouse closed except to pay shooting fees and use restrooms. Only one shooter at the desk is allowed at a time.
  • Six feet distance must be maintained between each shooter.
  • Shooter will wait outside the building keeping a safe social distance of 6 feet while waiting to be called to a field to shoot.
  • No guns or shell bags in clubhouse.
  • Water fountain in clubhouse will be disabled.
  • No competitive or group shoots.
  • Trap/Skeet
  • Limit squads to 3 shooters.
  • Skeet shooters wipe controls before and after each use.
  • 5 Stand
  • Limit squads to 3 shooters.
  • Shooting frames will be moved outside the new structure and, 5 Stand shot from outside the structure.
  • Sporting Clays
  • Limit squads to 3 shooters.
  • Squads heading out to SC will be staggered please wait until you are told to go to SC. While on SC course do not walk up to a new station until it is empty. If you are done and the station ahead is still shooting and you wish to move on you can skip to the next empty station.
  • No carts on sporting clays.
    NOTE: This limits the need to disinfect after each use.
  • Kitchen closed.

Phase 2 when/as necessary

  • Open for casual shooting by members and guests. Normal summer operation hours Tues, Thurs, Sat, and Sun. The club will discuss ability to open Friday nights.
  • Full squads on all shooting venues.
  • No competitive or group shoots.
  • Full use of carts on sporting clays. Disinfect after use.
  • 5 Stand shot from outside the structure.
  • Clubhouse opens for use, all doors open.
  • Kitchen closed.

Phase 3 when/as necessary

  • Return to complete and normal operations!
  • Kitchen opens when permitted by Grundy County Health Department.

DGSC Board

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Legal and Insurance

Legalization and Guns
As the Board works diligently to prepare the club for reopening I would urge our members to consider the following:
  *The Club will be open to Members and Senior Members only (no guests)
  *Members that choose to come to the club will do so “at their own risk.
  *Be considerate of your fellow members and our employees:
  1. Maintain social distancing (6 feet)
  2. Have “face covering” available
  3. Wash hands frequently
  4. Avoid contact with common surfaces & equipment
  5. If you feel ill, stay home.
  6. Follow the guidelines set forth by the DGSC Board

In order to facilitate shooting again the Board has implemented a host of policies and procedures in order to provide the safest environment possible

The first phase of opening may seem restrictive and should be temporary. If successful policies will become more liberal and bring us closer to a “new normal”. Your cooperation is essential to a successful opening.

From the Illinois Department of public Health
Public Health Requirements for Individuals Leaving Home and for Businesses
Wearing a face covering in public places or when working. Any individual who is over age two and able to medically tolerate a face-covering (a mask or cloth face-covering) shall be required to cover their nose and mouth with a face-covering when in a public place and unable to maintain a six-foot social distance. Face-coverings are required in public indoor spaces such as stores.
Elderly people and those who are vulnerable as a result of illness should take additional precautions. People at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19, including elderly people and those who are sick, are urged to stay in their residence to the extent possible except as necessary to seek medical care.
Ken Cechura

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Vice President Remarks

New Sr probationary members: Your applications have been overwhelmingly approved by your Board of Directors. The next step is to present for approval each and everyone of you at a Sr membership meeting. However, the Covid-19 issue has prevented us from gathering. We will be in contact when this will take place. Congrats to the following new Sr probationary Members: Nick Lopez, Pete Maslowski, Mark Sarnecki, Steve DeLurgio, Gerry Frieders and Mike Smedley.

Once the club opens if you have not done so already, please pick up your badge at the front counter. We have a new club logo designed to celebrate 25 years of our club in Morris!!

George Adelmann

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Entertainment / Events

The turn of events we are living through continues to challenge our flexibility. It is difficult to plan for things and little can be done other than to react to events. In that regard we continue to plan for the club’s annual picnic, but with a wary eye towards an interruption.

In the absence of our clubhouse, I want to remind everyone of the club’s discussion forum. This is your forum. Please use it. Keep in contact with events at your club. Your participation is welcomed.

With the reopening of the club at hand I want to remind everyone that the kitchen will remain closed and there will be no coffee service. A number of restaurants in Morris are operating with carry out service. Also, please bring your own personal protective materials. This includes your own hand sanitizer. You may also wish to consider bringing a lawn chair so you can maintain a comfortable interval from everyone else while waiting to be called to shoot. We need to keep practicing separation and sound sanitation practices.

Ed Shannon

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ATA Shoots

The Illinois State Trapshoot has been rescheduled to July 27 through August 2nd, 2020. Program should be on the ATA website, ITA website and Presquad shortly. Paper programs will probably NOT be mailed.

The Downers Grove Sportsman’s Club ATA shoot on June 28th is still scheduled, but subject to cancellation as of this writing.

Stan Systo, DGSC Trap Chairman and ITA Northern Zone Director

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Discussion Forum

To access the discussion forum via the DGSC Website ->   DGSC Discussion Forum Click Here (http://www.downersgrovesc.com/Discussion.html) Anyone can read the threads/posts, but in order to reply or create new topics/threads/posts you must register. To register please click the Register link right side of screen on discussion forum page.


  • Vintage Gun Shoot postponed
  • Shell Rebates
  • Soft Open Poll

  • Ed Shannon

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    NRA /ISRA News

    With everyone focused on the covid 19 pandemic, it’s easy to forget that the most important general election of our time is in 6 months.
    The pandemic has caused catastrophic economic and financial damage to everyone. The NRA is no exception. With the country in lock down, the NRA was forced to cancel the annual convention and has been unable to host any fundraisers. The result has been layoffs and a 4 day work week at NRA headquarters. The NRA has always led the fight for our gun rights. Now is the time for members to step up and join the fight by making a contribution to the NRA today. In 2018, Everytown for gun safety, backed by Mike Bloomberg, outspent the NRA in Virginia and was able to flip the state democratic. We can’t let them do it again in November so please, give what you can.

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    Friends and family enter and leave our lives, but the impressions they make on our hearts stay with us forever. DGSC is sadden to share news of the passing of Honorary Member Joe Spradley. Father-in-law of Treasurer John Mantsch. Joe had been a fine representative of DGSC throughout the shooting community. Joe was always willing to share his expertise in the clay target sports and will be a loss to DGSC and the sport.

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    Board Meetings 11:00am @ DGSC or 7:00pm Conference Call  1/11/2020, 1/18/2020, 2/8/2020, 3/7/2020, 4/5/2020, 5/6/2020, TBD 6/13/2020
    Senior Member General Membership Meetings 9:00pm @ DGSC   3/22/2020 (POSTPONED) 

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