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Desk of DGSC President

Dear Membership,
As the tumultuous year winded down, there are many things that have happened at DGSC both negative and positive. The elephant in the living room having closed the club in its entirety, then cancelling events, and closing our clubhouse. On a brighter spot the grounds had major water drainage work performed, registered skeet shooting is making a comeback, membership renewals are being automated, youth league programs are exploding, 5 Stand is running, buildings are in great shape, and credit cards are accepted. The board has worked feverishly (no pun intended) to keep the club open and has performed above and beyond. The hours met, worked, and spent debating are enough for any board member to earn a lifetime achievement award, and I thank all the Board for its diligent effort and the membership for its unwavering patience.

In the words of Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” And with that, Downers Grove Sportsmen’s Club continues for the next board and its growing membership.
Happy Holidays!

Judson Mann, Past DGSC President

Happy Holidays

I must first commend 2020 President, Jud Mann and the Board of Directors, for guiding us through a very challenging year. We especially need to recognize Deb Fredrick, internet and communications “Guru”. Deb has been responsible for setting up and moderating the Board and Membership meetings, through the Pandemic.

Unfortunetely there are still challenges to be faced in the immediate future. We will continue to operate the club on a modified basis. There is limited access to the club house, masks must be worn whenever you are in the building. Masks should be worn outdoors as well, please maintain “social distances”. As responsible members of the community we must abide by all Municipal, County, State, and Federal Restrictions. Our activities will be limited through the first few months of 2021. The new Board will attempt to navigate through these difficult times. Presently it is not possible to hold our regular meetings. We are limited to smaller groups and food service is not permitted. We will plan to resume normal activities as soon as restrictions are lifted. Until then, we will continue to “take initiatives, adapt, and improvise” as the needs present themselves.
Some examples will be to:
1. Continue “virtual or conference call” meetings
2. Communicate with the membership electronically via the internet
3. Cancel or reschedule “social” activities in the interest of public health
The “new” DGSC Board will begin the year preparing a budget and planning a calendar for the year. As COVID 19 restrictions are eased, we can the safely return to normal activities.
WE look forward to resuming:
1. Six ATA events
2. Registered skeet events
3. Annual Picnic and Volunteer Recognition
4. Several “Club” Shoots
5. Training opportunities
6. Food service

We are fortunate to have many experienced members returning to the Board and some “new” members. Along with a budget and calendar, we will start the year with some strategic planning, and a review of some of our current practices and how we might improve them. We will evaluate Club Job descriptions and modify them if needed.
Please consider volunteering to work with one of the Committee Chairmen. There are various levels at which you may participate. We need the help! We look to our Senior Membership for guidance and suggestions. Don’t be a stranger in your own club!

Wishing you a Healthy and Happy Holiday, Ken Cechura DGSC President

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Vice President Remarks

Renewals for 2021 were mailed on Fri 11-27-20 and everyone should have received in the mail and mailed in. In these challenging times, Email communications have a greater importance so please verify DGSC has your correct email. Renewals were due no later than 1-1-21. Note: I am aware of the FOID delays. Please do your best and follow the suggestions on the renewal form to comply.
Upon receipt of renewals, 2021 stickers are being mailed out to be attached to your 2020 badge. This will serve as proof of payment for 2021 and should be shown each time you visit the club. Hope this finds everyone healthy and in good spirits!!!

Trying Something New

This month I would like to highlight members, while at another club, used an item that will be a huge benefit to our club.
Bob Barczak, while visiting a shooting club in Florida, was patterning his new gun. We all know how messy the patterning board can be right? That %*@$ grease gets on everything..... At this club they had a weather tight mail box with paper towels, hand cleaner and plastic gloves inside to be used as needed. Bob then told members Tom Maslowski and Brian Savoda about what he saw. Agreeing that cleaning supplies at the patterning board would be helpful, Tom and Brian took it upon themselves and installed a mail box! Our club now has a weather protected mail box with cleaning supplies inside mounted on the gun rack near the patterning board!!
Thank you to Bob Barzak, Tom Maslowski and Brian Savoda for being proactive and Trying Something New!!!

George Adelmann, DGSC Vice President

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Secretary Notes

As I step away from the Secretary position and hand things over to Jed Davis I just wanted to let Senior Members know 2020 minutes and treasurer reports are available on the new Senior Member Access Only area on the DGSC Website.
If you have not received an email about this new area back in November and December in regards to how to access it and login please send an email to dgsc_IT@downersgrovesc.com so we can make sure you can get access.
On this new page of the website senior members are able to access meeting minutes, treasurer reports, and possible important announcements specific to membership. This will also be a way for the board to do polling/voting with Senior Membership if the need arises during these COVID 19 restriction times.

Debra Fredrick, Past DGSC Secretary

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Building Cleaning/Sanitizing

For those that are curious on how DGSC has been handling the clubhouse sanitization we would like to let everyone know that the clubhouse has a good cleaning and is sanitized 3 times a week. There is sanitizer all over club house and bathrooms have electric hand dryers which are a safer choice. Before the kitchen is opened up there will be a very through cleaning of that entire area and all the equipment.
Don Cox, DGSC Buildings Directors

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Shotgun Sports

As a reminder -winter hours started December 1st. The club opens at 9:30 and closes at 1:30. If it is a nice day and there are shooters we will keep it open longer. If you want to shoot 100 rounds of Sporting Clays, please arrive before 11:00 so you have ample time to finish. We don't want to turn anybody down. Now that it is winter time, if the weather is bad, call the club or check our website on-line first to verify the club is open before traveling out.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions the winter jack rabbit website has posted ... "The 2021 Winter Jackrabbit season will be postponed or cancelled for 2021. If conditions permit, a 2021 Fall Jackrabbit league may be held. Please contact your home club for further information." More information will be passed on to membership as it is finalized in regards to DGSC plans.

Larry Chambers, DGSC Shotgun Sports Director

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ATA Shoots

Not much going on anywhere in the world of ATA trapshooting right now, due to COVID19. We are still hopeful and planning on holding six registered trapshoots in 2021 at our club. April 25, May 16, June 27, July 25, Sept 11 & 12, Oct 10

As far as the 2021 Illinois State Trap Shoot, the ISTA Directors are all working towards having the shoot this year at its normal time frame. Many fingers are crossed.
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions about our club shoots or the state shoot, please give me a call.

Stan Systo, DGSC Trap Chairman and ITA Northern Zone Director

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NSSA Shoots

Good progress has been made on returning registered skeet to DGSC. Memberships to the NSSA and ISSA have been renewed. We are now part of twelve clubs offering registered skeet in Illinois. We have a protected date of June 19 & 20, 2021 for a sanctioned shoot.
There is much yet to do. If you would like to help with this project, please talk with Tim Donnell or Paul Burlington or email us at nssa.dgsc@downersgrovesc.com Your help is appreciated.

Tim Donnell, DGSC NSSA Chairman

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Annual Meat Shoot

Regrettably, we had to cancel/postpone the DGSC Annual Meat Shoot. Corona Virus cases continued to plague Grundy County and we could not host events that encourage our members to congregate indoors or in groups greater than 5 or 6. We will reschedule the event only when the public health authorities deem it may be safe. The health and safety of our staff and members is our primary concern.
The meat that was purchased for the event will be donated to "We Care" for Grundy County, DGSC normally does a donation to them around this time of year.

Ken Cechura, DGSC President and Grants Chairman

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DGSC Entertainment / Events

Public health considerations and county health requirements have drastically reduced club functions during the past year. The prediction for next year is again less than enthusiastic in regards to public functions and club gatherings. Until such time that the imposed restrictions are lifted we will work to provide for our members as best as possible.
Ed Shannon, DGSC Entertainment Director and Marketing Chairman

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2020 DGSC Hall of Fame

DGSC Members would like to thank and welcome senior members Frank Bentley Sr. and Anthony DeAngelis to the DGSC Hall of Fame
Dean Kerhulas

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Hunting Report

Senior Members Only
There is one more late winter CWD season Jan 15 - Jan 17 . . . remember during that time there will be no upland game hunting due to the fact that the deer hunters will be out in the field for this last slug season!
There will be a bird release Saturday January 9th -> remember hunting starts at 9:30 AM. A second bird release will be scheduled then for January 23rd weather permitting. If the date is changed due to weather, the changes will be posted on the DGSC discussion forum and broadcast email sent to senior members.

Charlie Zib, DGSC Hunting/Fishing Director

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Grounds Updated

Thanks to a dedicated mowing crew of Keith Uffelman, Tom Maslowski , Tim Donnell, George Adelmann, Steve DeLurgio and especially Brian Savoda, the grounds looked great all season!! Thank you guys!!!!

A gentle reminder to doubles shooters who drive their trucks on the grass. Chances are you would not drive your truck on your home lawn , so please do not drive your truck on the clubs lawn......
You are welcome to park on the serviced road and use the picnic tables and benches provided.

Kevin McCauly, DGSC Grounds Director

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Youth in our Sports

In November the youth shooters finished their fall league. It is important to note we had top in the state shooting at DGSC this year. We look forward to more in the Spring!
Mark Matteson, DGSC Youth/Community Director

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Grant Opportunties for DGSC

The reporting deadline for our 2020 NRA Youth & New Shooter Grant has been extended to March 31, 2021. The restrictions we operate under prevented us from hosting several events.
As a result, there are still a few NRA Youth Cards available at the Counter. Each punch card costs $20 as is good for 8 rounds of trap or skeet with free shells provided by the NRA. We limit 1 card to each shooter under 18 years old This would make great "stocking stuffers" for young sons, daughters, grand kids, nieces or nephews. The supply of these cards is limited.
The board also approved several 8 round cards be given to those that apply and are accepted as new DGSC Shooters. Any New shooting member submitting their 2021 shooting member application with initiation fees will receive one 8 round card, good for targets (only) provided by the NRA. That's a $48 value to offset their initiation fee.

Ken Cechura, DGSC President and Grants Chairman

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Discussion Forum

The club discussion forum continues to be a great way for everyone to stay in touch and chat while having to social distance and not gather as much.
There have been some topics started to discuss things happening in Springfield (The new year and old ideas in Springfield), ISRA (ISRA seeks injunction against Illinois State Police over FOID delays & Judge Delays Hearing For ISRA Injunction Filed Against Illinois State Police), and NSSF (From NSSF. Your voice needed in safeguarding banking rules for gun related businesses).
Join in on the conversations!
DGSC Discussion Forum can be accessed by Clicking Here (http://www.downersgrovesc.com/Discussion.html)
Anyone can read the threads/posts, but in order to reply or create new topics/threads/posts you must register. To register please click the Register link right side of screen on discussion forum page.

Ed Shannon, DGSC Entertainment Director and Marketing Chairman

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DGSC Web and Member Broadcast

If you have an email account and are not receiving DGSC Broadcast please first add dgsc_newsletter@downersgrovesc.com to your Address Book/Contacts. Then email dgsc_newsletter@downersgrovesc.com and let us know you are not getting emails.
For those that do not have emails or know someone that doesn't have email and/or is not getting DGSC Announcements, setting up a GMAIL or YAHOO email is extremely easy and we can help but you need to ask and let us know you need help doing so.

We are always looking for photos for the newsletter and website, please email dgsc_newsletter@downersgrovesc.com any pictures you have or take and we will add them to newsletters and the website.

There is a lot going on in our sport from events at DGSC, other clubs, hunting, and youth leagues - we like to advertise on the website, facebook etc. about our sports so please if you have something that you think would be great to display on the website etc. please email dgsc_webmaster@downersgrovesc.com.

Debra Fredrick, DGSC Membership Communications | Webmaster | IT Chairman

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Friends and family enter and leave our lives, but the impressions they make on our hearts stay with us forever. DGSC is sadden to share news of the passing of ...
--Irene Kay Jeffries, wife of Senior Member Ken Jeffries
--Ken Cross, long time friend, employee and member of DGSC
Written by Ed Shannon and shared via DGSC Discussion Forum ->The ranks of good men have been reduced by one more with the recent passing of Ken Cross. Ken was a friend to many at DGSC and the memory of him will linger in the minds of many shooters. I saw Ken as a friend and colleague. We shared a relationship in age, interests, politics, and experiences as many of us have with friends at the club. I often saw a personality tempered with time and the wisdom that comes from actively living a life. Perhaps the best thing the living can say about someone who is gone is that they were respected and appreciated while they were with us. Ken Cross was such a person. He was a good man.

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In Memory Of Karen Vander Veen
Several members that knew Karen have been establishing a “Memorial Fund” in her honor. The proceeds of that fund will be used to purchase something useful for the club that might keep Karen in our thoughts. The scope of funds collected will determine the extent of the project.

If you would consider contributing towards the “Karen Vander Veen Memorial Fund” contact Ken Cechura, Don Cox, or Chuck Feuillan. Please include your thoughts or suggestions with your contribution. Your contribution and input may be mailed or dropped at the trap counter to the attention of Ken Cechura, Don Cox, or Chuck Feuillan.
Mailing address: DGSC PO Box 270 Morris, Illinois 60450
Checks should be payable to Downers Grove Sportsmen’s Club, with “Karen VanderVeen Memorial in the memo line. Funds and ideas submitted must be received by January 31, 2021. We can then determine an appropriate use, installation, and dedication dates, with the Board of Director’s approval.

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Some important 2021 save the dates -> ATA (April 25, May 16, June 27, July 25, September 11/12, October 10) | Registered Skeet (June 19/20)

Board Meetings  1/5/2021 7pm Webinar
Senior Member General Membership Meetings  TBD

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