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DGSC Senior Member Only
Hunting and Fishing Information

AVAILABLE TO SENIOR MEMBERS ONLYOnly senior members, their spouses, children and grandchildren 20 years old and younger may hunt. Spouses and children may hunt only when accompanied by the senior member. The only exception will be special events approved by the Board of Directors.


Before going into the field all hunters must first sign in at the Hunter's Shack. It is equally important that you also stop in the hunter's shack on your way out and sign out of the field before going home.
All hunters should be in an elevated stand except in special marked areas where ground blinds are allowed. All ground blinds must have a flag visible by air!
Make sure to mark your stand location in the hunter shack along with your name and phone number. Also make sure your stand in the field is marked with a tag containing your name and phone number.

Click here for the hunting rules and procedures - 2012 Revision, if you have any questions please contact Charlie Zib

Hunting Procedures All Senior Member Hunters:
  • Sign in on log sheet
  • Hang your senior member badge on hook under the game your hunting
  • Sign your name on a post it note and tag the board where you are hunting
  • If you are using a deer blind, please take an orange flag with you and mark the spot where you are hunting and return it when your are finished
  • After hunting please remove your badge from hook (put it in the basket if its a spare/old badge or take if your current make sure to take it with you)
  • Take off the post it note and sign out

  • Bird Release Dates:
    NOTE: Dates are subject to change based on weather.
    If changes are made, a post will be made to discussion forum and website as soon as possible.
    COST: Each harvested bird is $16.00 with no harvest limit.
    If hunting on a release day below, there is a 2 bird minimum (must pay for 2 birds regardless) but no limit!
    Hunting starts at 9:30 AM
  • October 16 -- 30 bird release
  • November 27 -- 30 bird release
  • December 18 -- 30 bird release
  • January 8 -- No release due to weather, will reschedule
  • February 5 -- No release due to weather, will reschedule
  • February 26 -- 50 bird release
  • March 5 -- No release, date moved a week
  • March 12 -- 50 bird release
  • March 26 -- 30 bird release

  • Dates to Remember:
  • Archery Season Open: October 1st 2021
  • First Pheasant Release: October 16th 2020
  • First Firearm Seasons No Upland Game Hunting: November 19, 20, 21 2021
  • Second Firearm Seasons No Upland Game Hunting: December 2, 3, 4, and 5 2021

  • Reminders:
  • All deer and pheasant hunters must sign in at the hunter's shack and hang name badges
  • No upland game hunting during the firearm season for deer hunting
  • Bird Hunters should not begin hunting until 9am, deer hunters please be out of stands and heading in by 9am
  • Ground blind hunters - mark on the board your location and take an orange flag to mark your spot out in the field
  • DGSC is able to have no limit on the number of birds harvested; cost of each is $16.00. NOTE: In 2021/2022 on the day of release, there is a 2 bird minimum - regardless of harvested or not a hunter when hunting on the day of a release will pay $32.00
  • Report your harvest on the log sheet
  • Contact Information

                     If your interested in having an event at the club, please fill out a DGSC Usage Form and contact DGSC Board.

                     For questions or comments about this web site contact webmaster@downersgrovesc.com ->Email Webmaster click here.

                     For general questions regarding DGSC email dgsc@downersgrovesc.com -> Email DGSC click here.