Desk of DGSC President

The Board of Directors and Members have voted to raise the dues $25 across the board. This means Senior Members, +72 Members, and Shooting Members. This was a necessary step in the evolution of our club. At the last General Membership meeting, 35 votes were cast, the vote was 34-1 to increase the dues

Don't forget the club will be open the Friday Dec 28th for some shotgun sports shooting following Thanksgiving - 9am to Noon.

As always, be a Member, not a customer, pick up your empties, coffee cups and cigar butts.

Grump(Larry Novak)

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Vice President Remarks

The next General Membership meeting is on December 15th and if you are a Senior Member, DGSC wants you to attend and cast your vote for the incoming Board of Directors. The Upcoming slate is as follows:
Positions Voted On By Membership Dec 15th:
President Judson Mann
VP George Adelman
Secretary Karen Vanderveen
Treasurer John Mantsch
Buildings Don Cox
Entertainment Ed Shannon
Grounds Kevin McCauley
Hunting/Fishing Charlie Zib
Legal and Insurance Ken Cechura
Maintenance Jan Gronych
NRA Chuck Feuillan
Shotgun Sports Larry Chambers
Youth Mark Matteson
Chairman Appointed Positions by Board (not Voted On by Membership):
ATA Stan Systo
Farm/CRP Dan Bellus
Webmaster/Membership Communications Debra Fredrick
As our President Novak said, “No position should run unopposed!” We encourage participation in all of our club activities!

Time for Renewing
DGSC Membership renewals have been sent out and you should be receiving your prepopulated renewal in the mail. Please fill out and drop off at the club or mail to the PO Box by January 1st 2020 to avoid any late fees. If you have any questions about the renewal please contact me.

Judson Mann

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Voted On @ Nov General Membership Meeting Proposed By Law Change to Terms of Offices Sections

--Comment by Senior Member (Marketing Chairman) Ed Shannon--
I want to thank everyone for their participation at Sunday's membership meeting. While the proposed by-law change failed to achieve the required 2/3 majority by 4 votes, the majority of the members present did favor the idea. Thank you gain for your participation.

NOTE: The following update to Rules and Regulations will still be added
Safety -> All dogs must be under the direct control of their owners at all times while on club property in, near, or around any organized shooting activity, club house, and the adjacent property. Owners will be responsible for the immediate removal of all animal waste. Dogs must be on leads no longer than 12 feet except when hunting in season and training in designated areas. The owner of any dog on club property assumes complete liability for their animal. Dogs are not permitted in the clubhouse.

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DGSC Shotgun Sports Info

Friday Nights game shooting etc. ended on November 22nd and will resume again April 3rd 2020. The Club is closed for Thanksgiving (November 28th) but we will open for shooting Friday morning (9 to noon) on the 29th. Winter shooting hours will start Sunday December 1st. The Sporting Clay Field & the 5 stand will open all winter (weather permitting) during regular shooting hours, always call first if in doubt. As winter is approaching, check our web site or call club phone if the weather gets questionable.
The ‘Winter Jackrabbit League will start at St Charles Sportsmen’s Club this year. Downers will host on January 19th & February 16th. All members are welcome to shoot and new shooters are encouraged to join the league.
ATA dates have been picked for Downers. They will be published on our Web site & 2020 calendar.

Larry Chambers

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Raising of the 5 Stand Roof

--Comments from membership--
--It was clear and crisp early this morning when about 20 senior and shooting members of DGSC arrived at the new 5 Stand prepared to work. And work they did to complete the framing for a 5 Stand shooting shelter. My personal thanks to all of them and especially to Kevin McCauly for his willingness to lead this project. Another thank you goes to the club leadership. Five members of the Board of Directors arrived and worked on the project. It was great to see so many shooting members come out. Most said they felt they had a vested interest in helping build what they thought was a great place for them to shoot the targets they enjoyed. The shooting shelter on the 5 Stand represents an opportunity for all of us to enjoy the venue year round. An additional benefit of the shelter will be extra revenue from 5 Stand during the winter when the Sporting Clays course will be normally closed.
--It was a good day! Personal thanks from the current President to everyone who was there today. The Coffee and donuts were a huge pick-me-up, and when the Pizza came, we literally had to yell at guys to stop and eat.

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Senior Member Updates Hunting/Fishing

Happy Thanksgiving to all . . . I will be releasing more birds this coming Saturday Nov. 30. remember hunting will begin after 9:00.
There were 2 bird releases in October. A total of 50 birds were released and 25 were harvested. Bow season started on October 1st and so far 4 deer have been taken.
Just a reminder the 1st slug season is past (Nov 22 - 24) the 2nd slug season dates are December 5, 6, 7 and 8. THERE WILL BE NO UPLAND GAME HUNTING DURING FIRST AND SECOND DEER SEASON.
Remember Senior Member Hunters . . .
  • *All hunters must sign in on log sheet and mark what they are hunting for :
  • --Please hang name badge on board in proper spots
  • --Sign a post it note and tag board where you are hunting

  • Hunt safely and be aware of other hunters in the field. Thanks to all who have participated in our hunting program.

    Charlie Zib

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    Full list of scores can be retrieved at
    2020/2021 DGSC Registered ATA Events April 26th, June 28th, Sept 12th & 13th, and Oct 11th

    Al Maly | Stan Systo | Larry Chambers

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    Winter Jackrabbit

    Winter Jackrabbit is back -> DGSC will be hosting the Jackrabbit on Jan 19th and Feb 16th.
    Full listing of dates: Jan. 5th -> St Charles Sportsmen's Club Jan 12th -> McHenry Sportmen's Club Jan 19th -> Downers Grove Sportsmen's Club Jan 26th -> Maywood Sportsmen's Club Feb. 2nd -> St Charles Sportsmen's Club Jan 9th -> McHenry Sportmen's Club Jan 16th -> Downers Grove Sportsmen's Club Jan 23rd -> Maywood Sportsmen's Club March 1 -> Calcutta and Carry Over shoot off St Charles Sportsmen's Club

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    Meat Shoot

    Thanks to everyone that participated in the 2019 Meat Shoot, without participation we cannot have any success. Special thanks toour volunteers: Bill Weaver, Larry White, Irene Cechura, Stan & Connie Systo, Ed Shannon, Josh Wexelbaum, George Adelman. If I missed anyone I apologize in advance
    Great Job everyone!
    Comments :
  • --Great shoot thank you for a lot of hard work!!
  • --Congrats to Ken & Irene Cechura and their volunteers on a very successful meat shoot! Biggest turnout I've seen in years for this annual shoot, and everyone looked to have a good time.

  • Ken and Irene Cechura

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    Discussion Forum

    DGSC has launched a new moderated discussion forum for the use of our members. We hope the forum brings real discussion about important club topics and brings the membership closer together in support of our sport.
    On the forum you will see places for you to give feedback and opinions, ask questions and seek advice. This is the place to talk to other members and offer leadership constructive criticism.
    You can get to the forum via a link on the website or usin the following URL Once there simply register to participate. After registration bookmark the address and you can go there directly when needed or access again via the DGSC website.
    Of course there are a few simple rules which you can read about in the welcome section. This is your forum. Please use it.
    Some Trending Topics: Change the Name, Meat Shoot, Proposed By-Law Change and Raising 5 Stand Roof, and Chokes and Choke Tubes

    Ed Shannon

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    Jan's Kitchen

    As some may have noticed the kitchen has been closed for a few weeks as Jan & Nancy tended to some personal matters. Jan is well . . . and extends a big Thank You for the lovely plant that was sent to her from DGSC. {Thank you for the update George Adelmann (Entertainment Director)}
    As of Nov 19th Jan and Nancy are back and the kitchen will be open following the schedule below.
  • **Nov 26 Tues
  • **Nov 30 Sat
  • **Dec 3 Tues
  • **Dec 5 Thur
  • **Dec 10 Tues
  • **Dec 12 Thur
  • **Dec 14 Sat
  • **Dec 15 Sun
  • **Dec 17 Tues
  • **Dec 24 Tues
  • **Dec 28 Sat
  • **Dec 31 Tues
  • NOTE: The kitchen will close in the event the club closes for weather. It is always best to call ahead to determine that the kitchen is open.

    Jan K

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    NRA News

    Attn: NRA Instructors You can now renew your certification online at:  Renew Click Here
    It is that time of year to renew membership, if you see you need to also renew NRA remember you can do it at the club or via a link on the DGSC website, just click the NRA image at the top of the home page.

    Chuck Feuillan

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    Board Meetings 1:00pm @ DGSC  12/14
    Senior Member General Membership Meetings 9:00pm @ DGSC   12/15/2019 

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    President Larry Novak
    Vice President Judson Mann
    Secretary John Semprini
    Treasurer John Mantsch
    Buildings Don Cox
    Entertainment George Adelmann
    Grounds Kevin McCauley
    Hunting/Fishing Charlie Zib
    Legal/Insurance Ken Cechura
    Maintenance Jan Gronych
    NRA Chuck Feuillan
    Shotgun Sports Larry Chambers
    Youth/Community Relations Mark Matteson
    ATA Al Maly/Stan Systo
    Farm/CRP Dan Bellus
    Grants Ken Cechura
    Membership Communication Debra Fredrick
    Marketing Ed Shannon

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